Tall, Handsome Library Seeks Volunteers

Yolibu: a literate, community-loving, service-oriented soul with some time to kill. Us: a charming, dreamy library with a flair for fun and a lot of love to give. If you love the library, the community, and the opportunity to serve your friends and neighbors here in Orem, this is one connection you don’t want to miss.

We adore our library volunteers, and we couldn’t do all that we do without them. Volunteers serve so many purposes here—everything from mending books to writing for our blog. As we get ready for summer, there are exciting opportunities for those who want to serve their community while spending time in the happiest place on earth (apologies to Mickey).

First, does this sound like you?

  • 14 or older
  • must be willing to give at least 2 hours of service each week
  • must pass a background check (for those over 18) and fill out an application
  • must be dependable, cheerful, and willing to learn the ropes

If you meet these requirements, we invite you to submit your application and come help us out! In June and July, we have a special need for volunteers to help us register and reward all of our summer readers. Summer reading volunteers will help kids and parents fill out a form on the computer, distribute summer reading brochures, and pass out our weekly reading rewards. There are shifts available during all open hours of the library, and it’s a simple way to give a hand to the great kids that are living and learning in our neighborhoods. Volunteering with our summer reading program is also a great way for young men and women to fulfill requirements for scouting, church projects, or honor societies, and it’s an excellent opportunity to gain experience in preparation for job and college applications.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” In addition to the warm, happy glow you’ll receive knowing that you are doing something kind and selfless for your fellow citizens, you’ll also be eligible for some nice perks. After 3 months of serving at least 2 hours per week, you’ll get free DVD checkouts, plus waived fines. If you’re not an Orem or Provo resident and you’ve been longingly admiring that non-resident library card, this is a great way to get one totally free.

If this sounds like a match made in heaven, you can contact our volunteer coordinator, Tammy Starr, at 801-229-7384 or email tdstarr@gmail.com. Or come in and ask for a volunteer application at any reference desk.

And if you’re looking for more of a casual summer fling and less of a long-term commitment, don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing. During summer reading we have several activities that need extra helping hands and are two-hour gigs helping kids and teens complete art, science, technology, engineering, or math activities. You can contact Marilee Clark at 801-229-7247 or email mclark@orem.org for more details.


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