A Day in the Life of a Librarian, Part 1

by Holly G

Have you ever wondered what a librarian does all day? Since we serve the public, no two days are alike. We also wear many hats, so I bet more than one task of my day will surprise you. The day I chose to document was June 27, 2017, during the thick of summer craziness at the library. Here’s how my day went:

1:03 – I arrive at the Outreach office. It is time to set up for the teen summer reading program! Today is movie day and the teens are watching Hugo. After we load up the cart with pitchers and several soda bottles, we are off pushing our unwieldy cart to the City Center to get ice and pop popcorn.

Outreach cart.jpg

1:19 – We reach the employee kitchen in the City Center. We turn on the Deluxe Whiz Bang Popcorn machine and start opening all the bags of popcorn kernels and realize we forgot to grab scissors to open the butter and oil packets. So I run down to the utility office to beg them to loan us a pair of their scissors, since the library is further away.

1:28 – After the Deluxe Whiz Bang machine is warmed up and all the bags are opened and ready to go, Chelsea shows me how to pop popcorn. And I am so thrilled to acquire this skill! Who doesn’t want to know how to pop movie theater quality popcorn? I ask about twenty questions because I don’t want to be that person who burnt the popcorn. First, Chelsea squeezed in the butter/oil. Then she dumped in the kernels, and they begin popping. When the time between pops slowed down (similar to microwave popcorn), she dumped the popcorn into the the bottom of the machine and put the next packet in. 1 packet down, 5 more to go.

Me & popcorn.jpg

1:36 – Chelsea leaves me alone with the Deluxe Whiz Bang so she can make the long, tortuous journey of carrying the full soda pitchers down to the Media Auditorium without spilling. As I am waiting for each bag to pop, I start lining our two cardboard boxes with empty popcorn bags. Once there is enough popcorn to fill the first bag, I start filling each bag. There are about 50 bags and we have only 24 minutes until the program starts so I better hurry!

Popcorn bags

1:50 – After a couple of librarians smell the popcorn and stop to pilfer some, Chelsea returns to help me push the cart with a heavy load of two full boxes of popcorn down to the library and onto the elevator to get to the Media Auditorium as fast as we can, since the program starts in 10 minutes.

2:04 – After enough teens arrive to get started and the awesome donated Dominos sample breadsticks arrive, we begin with the welcome, the Beehive Awards book talk, and announcements of the upcoming teen programs.

Teen checkin

2:12 – Chelsea leaves me to take a break. I am the only adult, so I better do a good job while she is gone! Teens continue to arrive and after getting their summer reading brochures stamped, initialed for attendance and receiving their reading rewards for the week, they are ready to watch Hugo.

movie wide.jpg2:33 – Sadly, the cinnamon and garlic breadsticks are gone! (I was secretly hoping there would be one left for me.) I monitor the refreshments tables for spills, trash, and empty boxes and watch the entrance to the Media Auditorium for more teens.

2:47 – The stream of arrivals has petered off and all the teens in attendance are finally settled in with their friends and refreshments. I finally get to sit down and watch the movie by the door for a minute. Our final count was 33 teens and 3 adults.

2:58 – Chelsea returns and we switch places. Since there were no problems while she was gone, I had an uneventful report for her, which was perfect.



3:00 – I head up to the children’s reading program, which is the Art Carnival, to see if they need any help cleaning up, which they do. Clean up consists of wiping up paint spills, putting away art supplies, gathering forgotten artworks, putting tables away, and pushing full carts back to the Outreach office.

3:57 – I leave for my dinner break.

Look out for part 2 of my day on the blog this Friday where I switch to working in a different area of the library!


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