New at the Orem Library


superstar tapirSuperstar Tapir, Polly Faber

Mango and Bambang reach for the stars in the fourth book of this charming illustrated series about a little girl and a tapir. Both Mango and Bambang are left star-struck when Bambang’s cousin comes to town with Hollywood actress Minty Verbena. But when disaster strikes, Bambang is the true star of the show.


sydney and simonSydney & Simon: to the Moon!, Paul A. Reynolds

Twin mice Sydney and Simon compete to create the most interesting project about the Earth’s moon for their elementary school, and win the first prize–a chance to meet a real astronaut.


mia jazzes it upMia Jazzes it up!, Robin Farley

Looking forward to learning new steps and donning a fancy new outfit on her first day of jazz class, Mia is disappointed by her drab jazz shoes and devises a creative way to match her ensemble to her jazzy dance routine.




sleep like a babySleep Like a Baby, Charlaine Harris

Robin and Aurora have finally begun their adventure in parenting. With newborn Sophie proving to be quite a handful, Roe’s mother pays for a partially trained nurse, Virginia Mitchell, to come help the new parents for a few weeks. One particularly stormy night, Roe wakes to hear her daughter crying and Virginia nowhere to be found. Roe’s brother Philip helps her search the house and they happen upon a body outside–but it isn’t Virginia’s. Now, not only does she have a newborn to care for and a vulnerable new marriage to nurture, Roe also has to contend with a new puzzle–who is this mystery woman dead in their backyard, and what happened to Virginia?


sky belowThe Sky Below, Scott Parazynski

Astronaut Dr. Scott Parazynski was raised in the shadow of the Apollo Program, where his father, a rocket scientist and engineer, worked. In his intimate memoir, Parazynski offers a rare portrait of NASA from the inside. As an era of moon missions transitioned to the era of the space shuttle, space station, and Mars research, Parazynski flew five missions to outer space and conducted seven spacewalks in his seventeen-year career.


marriage pactThe Marriage Pact, Michelle Richmond

Jake and Alice join an exclusive, mysterious group known as the Pact, intent on safeguarding their marriage. They are initially seduced by the glamorous parties and their widening social circle of like-minded couples. And then one of them breaks the rules, with dire consequences.




colorsColors, Beck

The latest album from Grammy award winning alternative rock artist, Beck will be released on October 13. This item can now be placed on hold through the Orem Library catalog.


beautiful traumaBeautiful Trauma, P!nk

This is the seventh studio album from Grammy award winning artist, P!nk. It includes collaborations with Jack Antonoff and Billy Mann. This album is set to release on October 13, but can be placed on hold today through the Orem Library catalog.


hitchhikerHitchhiker, Neil Young

Mastered from the original analog tapes, Hitchhiker is now available from legendary rock artist, Neil Young.


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