Staff Favorites: The Tao of Pooh

819fnLk2wGLThe Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

The Tao of Pooh is a delightful tale of “Wei-Wu-Wei,” which is the Taoist concept of “effortless doing.” That is so Pooh! He wants the honey, but with as little effort and energy exerted as possible. I’m sad to say that I see this trait in myself at times, especially after a long day’s work! However, Pooh’s traits are not altogether unfortunate! He teaches the ability to appreciate the good in life and to find simple pleasure in existing. So maybe, sometimes, it’s okay to take a load off after work! Phew! 🙂 The Tao of Pooh also teaches the concept of “Pu,” which is “being open to but unburdened by experience.” The Pooh Bear characters are perfect at illustrating natural human behavior, which is why they correspond to Taoism so nicely. Each character teaches a strength of Taoism, which I believe is true of all of us. We each have an inner strength that comes from and is part of a much greater Tao! 🙂 Like The Te of Piglet, The Tao of Pooh is a great book for anyone. It’s a great way to find tranquility if you’re searching for it!

– Shai, Circulation

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