About Us

Just Browsing is the official blog of the Orem Library, providing the good citizens of Orem with life, liberty and the pursuit of excellent media (books, movies, music, etc.) Check us out to find booklists, staff recommendations, craft tips, recipes, and what’s new at the library.

Get to Know our Blog Contributors:

was born in the Belgian Congo and raised by apes. After decades spent defending his native jungle from poachers and industrialists, he studied Mad Science and Accounting at La Sorbonne until the intrusion of World War I, in which he served in the Italian Ambulance Corps. Following the Great War, Nathan lived in Paris where he invented an entire literary and artistic movement inspired by his disillusion with humanity, known today as Modernism. When not working tirelessly at the library, Nathan lives an exotic and exciting lifestyle as the guerilla artist Banksy.

is a librarian, an aunt, and a worm-eater (but only once, and it was on a dare–they taste mostly like dirt). She loves truth, justice, and honor, but mostly she just wishes for more time in the kitchen, in the garden, in the mountains or in a good book. Her life’s ambition is to finally have a good date, retirement before death, and a trip to Scotland.

Ruth is a shy yet majestic creature who can usually be found at the swimming pool, reveling in the midst of a thunderstorm, or in bed curled up with ice cream, her husband, and 10 or so books that she “is almost done with.” She grew up a homeschooled tomboy with five siblings in Georgia and migrated to Utah in her teens, where she fell in love with Southern history and wrote her master’s thesis on humor in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men. Her goals include living in a hobbit house, being able to watch a movie and read a book at the same time, and to cultivate an unsocial, taciturn disposition, unwilling to speak, unless she says something that will amaze the whole room.

Tiffany believes in the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and takes that quite literally. Being as she has a husband and 5 boys, she has a lot of male hearts to win. She enjoys spending time in the kitchen and trying new foods all the time. She is also an avid reader of mystery, romance, and inspirational stories. In her spare time, she enjoys Zumba, spending time in nature, and watching old movies.

Julie is from Utah but is currently having an adventure in the wonderful Wyoming wilderness and falling in love with the enormous skies and clear air.  She is a former Orem Librarian and is currently a grad student.  Her and her husband wrestle with their 8 children and sometimes they win.  She counts her Kindle as one of her favorite possessions and also plays various musical instruments.


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