Art Show: Stephanie Hock

The next time you’re in the Children’s Wing, we’ll hope you’ll take a few minutes to look at our latest art exhibit by acrylic, impressionist painter Stephanie Hock, who uses vivid colors to capture the beautiful stories of everyday life. In her artist statement, Hock writes, “I’m on a lifelong quest to find the beautiful. My paintings usually start in my camera. I see scenes all around me that strike my soul and I paint them with my eyes. Photos allow me to capture what’s often fleeting—the subject is moving, the light is changing, the colors are playing off each other in a certain way. I paint what I see, but filtered with my personality, colors, optimism, and light. Art, and specifically painting, quenches a thirst of my soul that doesn’t get satisfied in other ways. Capturing beautiful stories, in a colorful, impressionist way, is—for me—the thrill of being an artist.”

The show will be up through July 22. Pieces in the show are available for purchase at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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